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Electric Control Water Tank, APP & Alexa Control
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  • IPANS 2.0 intelligent cleaning system
    Real-time positioning and a home cleaning plan can help the robot determine its own position and then effectively plan the cleaning based on the floor plans and clean systematically.
    Use APP to control your robot
    With “Proscenic” APP on your phone, you can start, stop and schedule the cleaning. You can also select cleaning modes and see real time status of cleaning process. Please note that the APP works on iOS and Android devices with 2.4G network.
    Alexa voice control
    You can use Alexa to control 830P robot. Speak out your instruction like go to clean certain zone or room, then the robot will do so. (Skill name: ProscenicRobot)
    350ML electric water tank
    With the electric water tank you can adjust the water seepage according to your needs (by APP). With the microelectronic control technology, the water tank will not seep water when returning to the charging station, charging and standby mode.
    Automatically recharge
    The robot automatically return to the base after the cleaning and get itself ready for next cycle. After the cleaning process begin, you can count on it and enjoy your free time. (Please set the charging station to a correct position, otherwise the return journey will be affected.)
    Climbing ability and multiple suction
    830P can cross obstacles of 1.5cm high. As well as three changeable suction level, it can clean up hairs, breadcrumbs, dust and particles.
    A clear mind of surrounding 
    21 sensors gives it full range of vision about its surrounding. 830P knows where the fragile furniture and stairs are. So it will not fall down stairs or break furniture.
    Compact design makes dust nowhere to hide
    With a height of only 7.6 cm, 830P is agile and covers all of your floors more thoroughly. It can navigates under the chair, table, bed and sofa.


    Products Comparison

      830P M8PRO M7PRO M6PRO 850P 820S
    Navigation System Gyroscope Navigation Lidar Navigation Lidar Navigation Lidar Navigation Gyroscope Navigation Gyroscope Navigation
    Max Suction Power 1800 Pa 3000 Pa 2700 Pa 2600 Pa 3000 Pa 1800 Pa
    Mopping ×(Water Tank Sold Separately)
    Intelligent Dust Collector × √(Sold Separately) × × ×
    Runtime Maximum 130mins Maximum 130mins Maximum 130mins Maximum 130mins Maximum 130mins Maximum 130mins
    APP Control (2.4G Wi-Fi)
    Alexa & Google Home Voice Control
    V-boost Carpet Detection
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Free Shipping on All Orders
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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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1-Year Limited Warranty
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