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IPNAS 3.0, real-time maps memory
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  • LDS 360°
    Scans your house through 360°. This cost-effective intelligent robot vacuum that helps you make the quickest, most efficient, organized and smart plan for cleaning.
    Endurance Vacuuming
    With Li-ion battery, 14.8V and 3200mAh. Enjoy up to 110 minutes continuously cleaning.
    Electric Water Tank
    Thanks to the advanced electric water tank and programmed water outlet system, it can clean large surfaces distributes water homogeneously through the mop.
    Y Mopping
    Mopping with an effective Y-shaped cleaning path, which enables triple-pass mopping action and clean every dirt and grim.
    2 in 1 Cleaning
    2 in 1 large capacity tank, part of it for collecting dust and another part for mopping.
    iRoom Cleaning System
    Divided your house map into multiple regions. Innovative system through which you can select specific rooms you want to clean at the scheduled time.
    No-go Zone Setting
    Use APP to define forbidden areas that you don’t want the robot to clean and protect your precious items.
    Real-time Maps Memory
    Up to 5 maps can be saved in the robot memory, which makes it load more quickly than those device saved maps in the APP.
    Virtual Voice Control
    With virtual voice technology, you can voice command M6 PRO with Alexa and Google Assistant to start, stop and charge.
    Always-stand-by System
    Always home and always ready. Seeking the charging dock on low battery and get back to the spot it left to continue its job.
    Laser Sensors
    Covered with 15 sensors help the robot vacuum cleaner to handle different surroundings. Fall avoiding sensor can detect the ledge. Obstacle detecting sensor can prevent collision.
    Suction Enlarge System
    Powerful turbine that maximizes its great suction power of up to 2600Pa. Capable of removing all types of dirt.

    Products Comparison

      M6PRO M7PRO M8PRO 850T 830T 820S
    Navigation System Lidar Navigation Lidar Navigation Lidar Navigation Gyroscope Navigation Gyroscope Navigation Gyroscope Navigation
    Max Suction Power 2600 Pa 2700 Pa 3000 Pa 3000 Pa 1800 Pa 1800 Pa
    Mopping ×(Water Tank Sold Separately)
    Intelligent Dust Collector × √(Sold Separately) × × ×
    Runtime Maximum 110 mins Maximum 270 mins Maximum 250 mins Maximum 120 mins Maximum 130 mins Maximum 130 mins
    APP Control (2.4G Wi-Fi)
    Alexa & Google Home Voice Control
    V-boost Carpet Detection
    • Suction 2600Pa
    • Weight 3.4Kg
    • Noise in Decibels (dB) 65-73dB
    • Voltage 14.4V
    • Power 33W
    • Dust Collector Capacity 300mL
    • Filtration System HEPA
    • Battery 3200mAh Lithium-Ion
    • Water Tank Capacity 180mL
    • Dimensions 350*350*94.5mm
    • Climbing Height ≤18mm
    • Charge Time 3-5h
    • Multi-Surface Cleaning Hard Floors to Low-Pile Carpets
    • Suction Levels 3
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Free Shipping on All Orders
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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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1-Year Limited Warranty
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