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Enjoy Healthy & Tasty food with Proscenic T22 Oil-Free Air Fryer!
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    3D HF Circulation Technology, 7  times more efficient than regular air

    Adopted the 3D HF Circulation Technology, to cut down 85% of fat content in cooking and keep
    the food heat evenly.
    The hot air circulates around the food giving it a 
    crispy, brown exterior, allegedly like that of deep-fried food. 
    Moreover, this technology is 7 times
    more efficient than regular air circulation,
    enabling the cooking efficiency to increase by
    30% while the nutrients are well retained.

    The capacity of 5L is a clever choice.
    With a smarter design, it saves 25%
    of space.

    With its tiny and smart design, the capacity of 5L
    satisfies your demands(3-4 people), such as
    french fries and chicken wings are applicable.


    You can decide your meals as there are 11 recipes on the
    control panel to choose from.

    There are eleven options on the control panel to
    choose from, and each button on it matches the 
    corresponding cooking times and temperatures.
    The eleven one-touch presets can satisfy you:
    Fries, Chicken, Steak, Vegetable, Fish, Shrimp,
    Pizza, Bacon, Onion Rings, Cake, Toast.

    The Intelligent SuperDenoise  Technology, creates an ideal cooking

    Working in the kitchen is pleasant instead of
    annoying. The intelligent SuperDenoise  Technology will reduce the common noise by 20%
    and maintain a low noise level of 48dB while

    It’s time to eat meals, shake your
    body or shake your food.

    The “SHAKE” or flip food reminder is available  in the App. You don’t have to wait in the kitchen
    while cooking, because it will work based on the  type of food you choose. If needed, it will remind
    you of flipping the food to the other side. 

    The combination of functions  (Cooking, Preheating and Keeping  Warm

    The T22 could perform multiple functions at the
    same time. It can preheat and keep warm before
    starting working. With its outstanding  technologies, the food can get hotter and crispier
    outside. Besides, you can get unique choices by
    operating manually.


    Customized recipes

    There are dozens of online recipes, and you can
    also customize yours through the App. Also,  cooking temperatures and times will be saved for
    the customized recipes next time.

    Non-stick coating, easy to clean

    This non-stick air fryer basket is non-stick for
    easy and hassle-free cleanup.

    You don't have to worry about cleaning after the
    meal, because the surface will not be sticky after  cooking.

    Products Comparison

      T22 T21
    Power 1500W 1700 W
    Capacity 5.0 L/5.28QT 5.5L/5.8QT
    Temperature Range 165-400℉(75-205℃) 180-400℉ (80-205℃)
    Touch Screen Control
    APP Control
    Alexa & Google Home Voice Control
    Cooking Functions 11+1(Customizable) 8+1(Customizable)
    Shake Remind
    Keep Warm
    Recipes 100+ Recipes Book & APP Online Recipe APP Online Recipe
    Dishwasher Safe
    Automatic Shut-Off
    • Power 1500W
    • Temperature Range 165-400℉(75-205℃)
    • Voltage 120V(US) 220-240V(EU&UK)
    • Time Range 1-60 mins
    • Dimensions 36.1 * 27.1 * 30.6 cm
    • Weight 5.7kg
    • Noise in Decibels (dB) ≤55dB
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Free Shipping on All Orders
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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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1-Year Limited Warranty
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